a bit about who we are

It’s not just our profession, it’s our passion.

Chances are you’re pretty darn good at something. Maybe it’s breakdancing. Maybe it’s long division. Whatever it is, you probably enjoy doing it. That’s because most people love doing the things they have a natural talent for. No one knows your business better than you do.

And us? Well, we’re good at loving people, listening to them, solving their problems and sharing their stories. Usually, we do this with solid branding, strategic marketing and amazing creative.

Our approach to marketing.

Blue Marketing is a cross-functional team that understands how to adapt to the fast-paced changes of marketing tactics and consumer habits. You’ll have the minds and skills of marketing strategists, designers, writers, artists, developers, photographers and illustrators all working for your business.

We don’t believe there’s one solution that’s right for everybody. When we develop a strategy for our clients, we recommend marketing automation software, email marketing software, CRMs and more based on the client’s needs, budget, timeline and existing usage.

Our creative environment and multi-talented team helps turn good companies into amazing, strategically thinking companies.

Full-service marketing: Best when provided by fully-committed people.

On the one hand, there are the services everyone talks about (you know, things like branding and public relations). On the other hand, there are the few, less celebrated services. Listening, for example. And caring. And appreciating that clients are smart people.

Here at Blue, we believe that one set of services isn’t much good without the other. It’s why we take the time to get to know our clients. To listen to their needs. To truly understand what makes them tick—and what will help them succeed.

Now that you know about us, perhaps you should meet us

Amy Williamson

Amy Williamson

Marketing Director/Partner

This is Amy. She has a passion for the advertising and marketing business. She enjoys brainstorming and strategizing creative ways to market client businesses and products. She is experienced in public relations, writing, event planning, management, advertising, sales, and fund-raising. She believes that exceptional customer service is not dead!

Lacey Wheeler

Lacey Wheeler

Graphic Designer

Hello Lacey! Lacey is our award winning designer extraordinaire. Lacey is multi-talented and is experienced in public relations, advertising, accounting and graphic design. She has a terrific eye for design and detail and her customer service skills are pretty impressive too! We dig her.

Katrina Winter

Katrina Winter

Office Manager

Meet Katrina. She keeps our office running smoothly. She helps the Blue office stay organized and on task, and somehow manages to keep a smile on her face while doing so! Her organization and accounting skills are hard to beat. We think she’s pretty great!